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Blackbeard's Ship Confirmed off North Carolina

Wreck's large size, weapons that of 18th-century pirate, experts say. By Willie Drye,  for National Geographic News  After 15 years of uncertainty, a shipwreck off the coast of North Carolina has been confirmed as that of the infamous 18th-century pirate Blackbeard, state officials say. The Queen Anne's Revenge grounded on a sandbar near Beaufort (see map) in 1718, nine years after the town had been established. Blackbeard and his crew abandoned the ship and survived. Until recently, the North Carolina Department of Cultural Resourcesemphasized that the wreck, discovered in 1995, was "thought to be" the Queen Anne's Revenge. Now, after a comprehensive review of the evidence, those same officials are sure it's the ship sailed by one of history's fiercest and most colorful pirates. Read more.  PHOTOGRAPH BY ROBERT R....

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Meet Pep

Q and A with Pep “Blackbeard” Tintari: “Build a Strong Team – Empower Your Players” By Rob Hill - September 1, 2016  MG-Daily  Pep “Blackbeard” Tintari has owned the Propostion D-compliant, Pre-ICO Green Light Discount Pharmacy in Sylmar, California, for more than ten years and has seen it all. Here, he shares how he beat back the competition, dealt with a Mafia-esque city council, empowered his employees, and what he is doing to prep for the California vote in November. You have been in business for almost nine years now and have seen dozens and dozens of legal, and illegal, rivals come and go. How have you stayed ahead of the competition? It’s been difficult, to say the least. I just try and have the...

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